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A Tale as Old as Time

Allow your imagination to roam free as you are guided through the enchanting village of Glenarm, with a claim to being the oldest chartered village in the island of Ireland, before connecting with the magnificent Glenarm Castle Estate. Led by local storyteller and tour guide Janice Witherspoon, you will travel to not so distant lands full of folklore and fairy... Your journey begins at the Glenarm Visitor Centre perched upon the picturesque marina, where you will wind through places of historical importance within this ancient village. Allow Janice to paint pictures of the past using the quaint settlement surrounding as her canvas. Enjoy the sights of charming old streets such as The Vennel and impressive local landmark buildings such as the Barbican or Glenarm Bridge. Make your way into the historic Glenarm Castle Estate, the ancestral home of the Earls of Antrim, which has been at the heart of the village for over 400 years, to hear tales of the McDonnells. Finally, you can finish your tour by stopping into the new Heritage Centre or eat your fill of tasty treats with a big cuppa hidden away from the cool coastal air in one of the Estate’s many eateries - the perfect way to end a trip to a bygone age of heroes and faeries. This event has been funded by Tourism NI COVID Market Led Product Development Programme 2021- 22

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